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Best 20+ Cultivation Anime with Op Mc

Looking for Cultivation Anime with Op Mc! then read this article to know about both cultivation and some best Chinese cultivation anime. Cultivation is the process one must undergo to refine their body through rigorous and consistent training to achieve a state refers as enlightenment. Therefore cultivation anime with op mc is becoming very popular nowadays. As the main character after refining their body and spirit, they become stronger, in this article, we will check out some amazing cultivation anime with intriguing development of the main protagonist in their pursuit of power.

Most Chinese anime with op mc is based on the concept of Cultivation and their story is new and interesting so let’s enjoy these badass Chinese anime with op mc and intense fighting scenes.

Cultivation Anime with Op Mc Recommendations

These are some kickass anime with cultivation plots worth watching, so enjoy them in your free time.

A Will Eternal

This cultivation anime with op mc is worth your time as our main character Bai Xiaochan cultivates his martial powers ad soon changes his life entirely. But his life was very challenging at the start but his hidden powers always saved him from threats.

Moreover, witness his journey as he challenges himself throughout the series and becomes powerful enough to be considered a deity. A must-watch Donghua for cultivation lovers and anime fans.

Battle Through the Heavens

Cultivation Anime with Op Mc

The world is always ruled by those who are strong and weak always suffering, this land which is filled with both dangers and treasure. Xie Yan our main character was considered a talent that no one witnessed for a decade but unfortunately, he lost everything along with his powers and his fame. But what is the reason his life changed, is someone behind his downfall? Will Xie Yan manage to regain his power to fulfill his mother’s promise? Watch this thrilling anime to know how Xie Yan regain his lost powers and fame.

Chronicles of Everlasting Wind and Sword Rain

The power struggle between the kingdom of Tushan also called the demon kingdom and the ancient Chinese dynasty was still going on even after thousand years. Our main character from China named Zhang Kuangyun somehow meets with Bai Binglan princess of the demon kingdom. But Bai Binglan uses this opportunity to get some information on the enemy nation by becoming Zhang Kuangyun’s follower.

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But soon while on their journey Zhang Kuangyun found out the secret about the death of his teacher and aunt. After discovering this conspiracy what will Zhang Kuangyun will do watch this anime to know.

My Senior Brother Is Too Steady

Li Changshou who was reborn before the Great War known as the god conferment war started cultivating his martial art powers as he wanted to survive the upcoming disastrous war. Li Changshou secretly started accumulating his powers without getting any attention, he was hiding many secrets along with his true abilities like escape techniques, pills refining techniques, etc.

Li Changshou already made his survival plans but his plans crumbled after his master brings another disciple, watch this kickass cultivation anime with op mc.

Soul Land

The most promising disciple of the Tang clan whom everyone considered best among the current disciples both in terms of martial abilities and use of weapons. But the future sure is unpredictable as Tang San betrays his clan by learning a secret manual. One can be executed by the Family Elders if found out therefore he decided to leave by jumping from the mountain peak but died.

But after that Tang gets reborn into a new world and becomes a son of a blacksmith he joined a spirit ceremony but found out that his spirit is the most useless one. But as we know our hero still has memories of his previous life so what will he do and how will he become the strongest watch to know how Tang manages to achieve his goal?

Quanzhi Fashi

Mo Fan our main character was an average guy without any good support but something unimaginable happened in his life as he found himself in a world that was very different from the earth. In this world magic users exist and it can be learned, so he embarks on his new journey to change his life in this new place. Mo Fan somehow manages to join the magic academy to learn magic but faced sarcasm and taunts because of his low-tier talent.

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But his hard work and consistency did not betray him as he soon masters fire and lightning magic. Watch this amazing Chinese anime where the mc changes his life into a different world.

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

If you are interested in anime where mc is badass and powerful but still wanted to live a normal life then The Daily Life of the Immortal King is one of the badass Donghua that you should watch. The main character of Donghua is very strong from childhood as he possesses powers strong enough to crush demons of superior level.

Wang Ling always tried to hide his power to not get attention from everyone but everything changes once he started going to high school. You can easily watch this anime on Netflix without any problem so do watch this badass Chinese anime with op mc.

Stellar Transformation

In the world of martial arts where innate ability matters a lot however our main character lacks the most important innate ability and thus he cannot practice internal martial arts techniques. But do you think he will give up on his dreams just because he lacks innate ability?

No! he wanted to be acknowledged by his father therefore he choose a more difficult path by choosing the external type of martial arts which is more difficult and painful but do you think he can change his destiny just by changing martial arts technique watch this anime to know more.

Supreme God Emperor

Many years ago a battle occurred in which Muyun was betrayed as he was the one who had Zhu Xiantu but since he was the famous immortal king he didn’t die very easily rather he was asleep for a thousand years. But the story became interesting as the remnant soul fragment of the immortal king got awakened by one of the infamous martial artist southern cloud empire. This is really worth your time as the fights and animation are very fiery so must watch this cultivation anime with op mc.


This anime is based on the story of the journey to the West because when the journey was completed a big conspiracy of gods was revealed just to obtain sutra. But they were not able to get their hands on it as the dragon lord was hiding the sutra but then heaven declared war against dragon kin in order to get sutra.

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But somehow a new journey started as the sutra was now in the hand of a lower demon and he wanted to go the west to return the sutra to ensure peace. A must-watch op cultivation anime for our fans.

Snow Eagle Lord

This anime is based on the story of the main character Xue Ying who was living very peacefully with his family. Xue Ying’s father was a peasant but he fell in love with the daughter of a noble and married her, but his life changed due to some unfortunate incident.

Now all he wants is to protect his family’s happiness but there lies many challenges in his path of happiness. Our main character will use his all strength to destroy all the obstacles so make sure to watch this anime.

Tales of Demons and Gods

As the name suggests Tales of Demons and Gods is an anime where our main character Nie Li fights against both demons and gods to protect his loved ones, as he once died while protecting his village from the Beasts and Emperor who wanted to destroy his village. Nie Li’s life came to an end but strangely when he thought everything is over he found himself in a child’s body.

Soon Nie Li releases that he came back to the past when he was 13 years old. Now watch the anime as our main character Nie Li uses his past life experiences to become overpowered so that he can protect his loved ones in this life. An amazing 3d donghua with op mc that you should watch.

As we know our fans must want to know more about Chinese cultivation anime with op mc therefore we have prepared a list of op cultivation anime for you.

Chinese Cultivation Anime with Op Mc List

More 3d donghua with op mc for fans.

  • Cheating Craft
  • Nezha: The Devil’s Birth
  • The Thousand Autumns
  • A Will Eternal
  • Supreme Galaxy
  • Immortality
  • Everlasting God of Sword
  • Heaven Official’s Blessings

With this, our list of Chinese cultivation anime with op mc comes to an end.


This concludes our list of cultivation anime/ Chinese anime with op mc recommendations. Moreover, if you have enjoyed our recommendations then do comment and share this article among your anime-lover friends. You can also connect with our Team Animeindie on different social media platforms to get the latest updates and recommendations on animes and webtoons. Click on the link provided below to join us on our journey.

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