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20+ Anime Characters with ISFJ Personality Type

Anime Characters with isfj Personality Type

Hey Otaku’s, we are back again with yet another recommendation list. But we are not to share Anime or Manga recommendation lists. Instead, today we are going to share the list of Anime characters with isfj personality. As we all know Anime, as a captivating form of art & entertainment, has gained a significant following worldwide.

One thing that makes anime characters so relatable and memorable is the diverse range of personalities that they possess. Among the various personality types in anime, the ISFJ personality stands out as one that captures the hearts of many viewers. In this article, we dive into the world of anime characters with ISFJ personality traits, examining their unique characteristics and exploring their impact on storytelling and we also list some traits that make them so relatable to the audience.

What Is ISFJ Personality?

For those who don’t know what ISFJ personality means, here is a Quick introduction. The ISFJ personality type, as defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), is characterized by introversion, sensing, feeling, and judging. Individuals with this personality type possess a deep sense of responsibility, dedication, and a strong desire to support and nurture others. They are often depicted in Anime as kind-hearted, reliable, and committed individuals, making them highly relatable to anime fans seeking characters with these qualities.

We also added some ISFJ-T personality anime characters to the list, which stands for Turbulent ISFJ. It is a variant of the ISFJ personality that adds an extra layer of complexity to their character. It brings a sense of inner turmoil and self-doubt to the ISFJ, making them even more intriguing and multi-dimensional, and exciting to watch. These characters may struggle with their own needs and desires while tirelessly prioritizing the well-being of others over them

Anime characters with isfj personality type List

So, without wasting any further time let us now check out the list of our beloved anime characters who resonate with the ISFJ personality traits.

Hinata Hyuga from Naruto

Hinata is the one character that is popular even among those who are not die-hard otaku. Apart from being one of the strongest females she is also humble, caring & loving nature which makes her even more likable for the audience.

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Hinata always trained as a defender which made her put the needs and protection of others over her. Hinata is the prime example of how a Person With ISFJ personality traits can be a boon for anyone who has them in their lives. As we can see in the anime, Hinata Hyuga risked her own life to protect Naruto and support Naruto. These traits make Hinata a prime example of Anime character with isfj personality type.

Kobeni Higashiyama from Chainsaw Man

Kobeni Higashiyama is one character who is always shown as Coward, dealing with anxiety and stress in the anime Chainsaw Man. However, what most people don’t know is that Kobeni Higashiyama is an ISFJ personality type. In the entire anime she was seen helping and saving others even if it meant putting her own needs in danger. One example of such a helpless act is one where she protected Denji from demons knowing that doing so will put her in danger. She is selfless or a people pleaser who can’t say no to anyone even if saying yes means trouble for her.

Tota Matsuda (Death Note)

If we have to define People with ISFJ personality Type in One Word it would be “Selfless”. Tota Matsuda may not be the most Charismatic character in Death Note, however, his ability to sympathize with anyone in distress is what makes him different in the anime. He always wanted to help people, that’s why he joined the police force and began his journey of being selfless and working day and Night for the Citizens.

A humble and caring Police officer like him who just wants to help People shows us why he was an Ideal Choice of ISFJ Personality Character.

Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado, another female character in our list with Isfj personality type. In the anime Demon slayer we can see how much she loves and cares about her little brother and younger siblings. Even after turning into a demon, she keeps loving and defending her little sibling no matter at what cost. We can see that after turning into a demon she lost a part of her character but not selfless. This shows that being selfless for the ones who she loved is deeply rooted in her personality.

All this makes an ideal pick for the list as she continued being selfless even after turning into Demon.

 Anime Characters with isfj Personality Type
Nezuko Kamado, Tota Matsuda, Kobeni Higashiyama & Hinata Hyuga

Gilda from The Promised Neverland

Just like Nezuko, Gilda’s love, affection and Protectiveness for her siblings shows her Isfj personality traits. She’s humble, kind and gentle but can be fierce if there’s even a little threat to the ones she loves. In Anime The Promised Wonderland, Gilda’s practical and humble nature was one of the most important qualities that helped her evacuate Children from the grace field house.

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Berthold Hoover from Attack on Titan

Berthold Hoover may not be the most important character in AOT but he’s certainly a fan favorite. As we know that the Most important quality that people with isfj personality type possess is of being Selfless. We can see in the series that Berthold Hoover was always willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his Comrades. He always tries to see the best in the person, another prime trait of isfj personality.

Berthold Hoover was a reliable Character in AOT on whom others can rely on in the time of need.

Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia

Momo Yaoyorozu, an overachiever, rich, Smartest Student in her class, beautiful, charismatic and more. But at the same time she was humble, compassionate, kind & Selfless at the same time. We mentioned a few points why we consider her an ideal candidate for Best Anime Character with isfj personality type.

She was Super smart but never bullied other students in the class but this can’t be said vice versa. Students used to bully her for her short dress which was necessary to use her power efficiently.
Even after getting bullied, she never backs out from protecting the fellow classmates and having their backs in the time of need. She always looked out for others selflessly.

We think these things made Momo the best anime character with an Isfj personality. If you have anyone else in mind for the spot do let us know through comments.

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)

Every Bleach Fan knows that even Uryu Ishida who is not famous for showing his emotions in the series has a huge crush on Orihime Inoue. The reason behind this crush was Inoue’s personality which attracted many to her caring personality. Orihime is known to take her friendships seriously & help everyone when they need it. Orihime Inoue’s selfless Nature shows why we picked her for the list.

Orihime Inoue, Momo Yaoyorozu, Berthold Hoover & Gilda
Orihime Inoue, Momo Yaoyorozu, Berthold Hoover & Gilda

Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)

Another Attack on Titan character after Berthold Hoover who is known for her Compassion & Love. Historia was shown as a Gentle, Humble & kind character who even brings calmness in the most violent situations possible in Attack on Titan.

She puts the needs of others over herself which can be seen later in the series when she opens an orphanage to help those in need.

Wakana Gojou (My Dress-Up Darling)

We added Wakana Gojou in this list so you guys don’t feel that we are adding only female characters in this List. What we can do if the majority of Characters with ISFJ personality are females in anime.

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Wakana Gojou was a private person who didn’t like to share his feelings with others, which is one of the most visible traits of people with ISFJ personality type. In simple words he was Introvert. Wakana was a hard worker who often worked late to finish the things he wanted to be done. He put the needs of others before himself, another trait of being an ISFJ. Wakana Gojou is simply an ideal character with an ISFJ Personality type in the world of anime.

Yor Forger (Spy X Family)

Yor who is fierce in battles & has a strength of 1000 Men but at the same time she was humble, Caring & the one who always put others before her. She was ready to help anyone who is worthy of it anytime. People with Isfj personalities are not only humble, Kind & caring but they are also fierce when it comes to protect the ones they want. Yor Forger also known as Thorn Princess checks all the Boxes and has most of the traits of an ISFJ personality type.

Mima kirigoe (Perfect Blue)

Mima is an actress who is great in her work just like other Isfj personality-type characters. She is super friendly, humble, and supportive to others and always takes care of others even if it is not that pleasant for her. Mima struggled to show her emotions throughout the series which is an important characteristic of ISFJ personality type.

isfj personality anime characters
Historia Reiss, Wakana Gojou, Yor Forger, Mima kirigoe

Other Anime characters with isfj personality type List

There are some other characters that we didn’t include in our above list but they were worth mentioning.

  1. Madoka Kaname from The Puella Magi
  2. Yachi Hitoka from Haikyuu!!
  3. Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle
  4. Retsuko from Aggressive Retsuko
  5. Sawako Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You
  6. Eiji Okumura from Banana Fish
  7. Kaguya Shinomiya Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)
  8. Izumi Miyamura (Horimiya)
  9. Mumen Rider


I hope that you liked this list of anime characters with ISFJ personality traits that bring a unique depth and relatability to the world of storytelling in the world of Anime. I know that you’ll have noticed that almost 90% of Anime characters were women. You can compare our list with real life to see that in real life too the majority of Humans with Isfj personality type are women. This shows how accurately the characters in Anime picks up the situations in Real life to show characters which are the closest.

Innate qualities of these characters like kindness, empathy, and dedication have earned them countless fans worldwide. Through their journeys and experiences, they offer valuable life lessons and insights, inspiring otaku’s to embrace their own strengths and embrace the importance of compassion and selflessness in their life’s. These characters underwent personal growth, facing various challenges which even enhanced their ISFJ personality traits.

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