Steve Harvey apologizes for Negative Tweet about comedians on social media. Steve Amidst of his Fishing Trip made an Video Apology to his fans.

Steve Harvey took on the internet to apologise after one of his Employees tweeted a remark about unfunny comedian.

He explained about how his brand is about Motivating people and he could never do such a thing which goes against his principles.

The tweet was posted back on 19th August and took Twitter by surprise and had an engagement of about 1 million views.

According to sources Steve Harvey may have fired the employee over the Twitter controversy which was found a bit too harsh by some Fans.

A few days back Harvey's wife Marjorie Bridges  was rumored  to have cheated on him with his Bodyguard.

The 66 year old Actor took on the internet  to debunk all these rumors as baseless and totally false and had no substantial basis. 

Steve who is Emmy- Winning Entertainer seems to be surrounded by False Rumors frequently in recent times.